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In Mould Labels (IML) In Mould Labels (IML)

IML packaging is the first choice for high profile food-grade products.

In Mould Labels (IML)In Mould Labels (IML)

In Mould Labelling (IML) is a production technique that places the printed label in the mould and is fused with the polypropylene of the packaging, giving high resolution artwork and a durable product.

The In Mould Label is made of the same material as the package, making the product cohesive and fully recyclable.

IMLs are ideal for food packaging, giving a bright, clear image that is fully bonded and does not detach, delaminate or degrade. The durability and scratch-resistance of the final product means it is a most hygienic and content secure option, as it is not subject to fissures or creases that can harbour bacteria.

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