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Food and Supplement Packaging Food and Supplement Packaging

IML packaging is the first choice for high profile food-grade products.

Food and Supplement PackagingFood and Supplement Packaging

With the trend toward lighter, more durable and sustainable packaging for food and supplement products, Pack Tech offers a wide range of containers and bottles including tamper evident (tamper-proof) lid integration - also with options for supplements and medicines.

Pack Tech manufactures all their food and supplement containers and lids from food grade polypropylene (PP) ♷ and high density polyethylene (HDPE) ♴ which are fully recyclable in New Zealand. In line with our Zero Waste to Landfill policy many of our containers are made from plastic recycled from the New Zealand economy. These sturdy products come in clear, opaque or coloured options in a wide range of familiar form factors.

Printing options include in mould labelling for a fully integrated product that will stand out on the retail shelf.

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Food packaging examples from Pack Tech